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Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management
Brief Description
(Incorporating the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy and Management)

“Academic excellence in public administration, ranked No.1 in Asia, 16th in the world.”

"CityU has the best public sector department in all of East & South East Asia."
Professor Jan-Erik Lane, Former External Academic Advisor

“As a former president of the U.S. Network of Associated Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration a few years ago, I can say with certainty that this master’s degree is highly competitive in its substance and rigor and flexibility for master’s students. “
Dr. Frances Stokes Berry, Current External Academic Advisor

"The MAPPM is a practical course. The theories learnt can be utilized in my daily work. The topics are highly relevant and have greatly strengthened my thinking and analytical skills” MAPPM Graduate

Programme Director : Dr. Chih-wei Hsieh
Admissions Officer: Dr. Glenn Hui

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Fax: (852) 3442 0413
Email: samappm@cityu.edu.hk
                                 Dr. Chih-wei Hsieh