Why Study Here
Master of Arts in China Studies
Brief Description
- Exposes students to major theories and concepts of policy process and social analysis and the latest cutting edge knowledge in the field of China studies
- Develops analytical and critical thinking skills
- Prepares graduates for careers in multiple areas where an understanding of China studies is beneficial
- Equips students with the necessary tools for conducing further research into numerous aspects of China studies

Programme Aims and Objectives
This programme aims to introduce students to an advanced level of understanding and knowledge of the development of China and theoretical perspectives in evaluating the dynamics of the modernization process in the Mainland.

Upon completion, students should be able to:
1.    Conduct independent research in issues related to development of China in an interdisciplinary and analytical manner;
2.    Demonstrate a theoretical understanding of the various dimensions of marketization and modernization processes;
3.    Identify and explain the core features and challenges to governance, socioeconomic development and sustainability of China’s modernization; and
4.    Develop social empathy, moral sensibility, critical capacity, multiple perspectives, sustained interest and analytical skills in understanding the changes in contemporary China and development process in other settings.

Strong academic team
  • A multinational teaching team of full-time faculty members from diverse disciplinary backgrounds
  • World-class scholars of exemplary records in publication and extensive experience in  fieldwork and research in China
  • Supported by renowned guest lecturers from worldwide top universities

List of Core Teachers
Dr CHEN, Vincent
Professor GONG, Ting
Dr HARRIS, Eirik Lang
Dr LAM, Jermain
Professor LI, Linda Che-lan
Dr WONG, Natalie Wai Man
Professor YEP, Ray Kin-man

Bonus Features
The programme is designed for mid-career professionals from the fields of education, media, government institutions and agencies and NGOs, and local and overseas students who plan to undertake a doctorate.