Why Study Here
Master of Arts in Urban Management
Brief Description
The MAUM programme provides venues for the fusion of academic knowledge and professional skills. Students will be equipped with the essential theoretical and methodological tools to become an urban professional as well as with the knowledge, analytic approach and learning skills to understand and critically evaluate the theories and practices of the management of large cities-both in the Region and internationally.

Strong Academic Team
  • Multidisciplinary and multinational team with strong professional background.

  • Strong local and regional knowledge of urban development and urban management with an international orientation and a world-class reputation.

  • A number of world-class scholars publishing research outputs in top ranked publications supported by renowned guest lecturers from worldwide top universities.

List of Core Teachers

Dr DONG, Liang (to be updated soon)
Dr WANG, June
Professor WANG, Xiaohu
Professor YIP, Ngai-ming
Dr YUNG, Betty

International Experience Programmes

There will be opportunities for students to engage in optional and self-funded internships to local or overseas organizations or self-directed study trips overseas.

The programme has established a student exchange agreement with the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and is in the process of setting up similar exchange / internship arrangements with universities in the United Kingdom, Australia and the USA.

PDF: Experience Sharing by Alumni

What you can get from MAUM

On completion of the programme, graduates will:

  • have a thorough grounding and understanding of how major cities are shaped and structured
  • have a critical appreciation of the major theoretical approaches to urban policy and  urban management, regionally and internationally
  • have acquired the research skills necessary to understand and analyze the key policy challenges facing urban management
  • have undertaken independent exploration and evaluation of urban management practices and urban policies
  • have a solid understanding of the way social and cultural norms shape urban management practices and institutions in different countries.
                     Dr. Bart Wissink