Department of Public Policy
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Why Study Here
Master of Arts in Urban Management
Brief Description
The MAUM programme will provides students with the essential theoretical and methodological tools to become an urban professional. It will equip students with the knowledge, analytic approach and learning skills to understand and critically evaluate the theories and practices of urban management - both in the region and internationally.

Programme Core Courses (21 Credits) (Compulsory)
  1. POL5500 Understanding the Modern Metropolis
  2. POL5502 Urban Finance and Budgeting
  3. POL5503 Urban Life and Culture
  4. POL5504 The Asian Metropolis: Issues in Urban Management
  5. POL5505 Research Methods for Urban Managers
  6. POL6500 MAUM Capstone Project
  7. POL6501 Urban Development and Sustainable Cities
Electives* (9 Credits) (three courses from one chosen study stream)

- Housing Stream
- Governance Stream
- Sustainable Cities Stream

* not all the electives will be offered every year.  The Department reserves the right to determine the offering list of electives.

Minimum Amount of Credits Required: 30 credits