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Research Students Seminars
Research Student Seminars in 2012/13
Miss WU Yan, “Fiscal Decentralization and Composition of Local Public Expenditure: Evidence from A County-level Study of Heilongjiang Province, China” on 16 May 2013

Miss MAI Lindsay, “Localizing Climate Initiatives: A Race of Three Global Cities in Southern China” on 26 Apr 2013

Mr. CHEN Kai, “Improving the Outcomes of Collaborative Network Management: An Assessment of Watershed Environmental Financing Program in China” on 28 Jan 2013

Ms LI Letian, “Neighborhood-based Deliberation System: the Political Turn in Constructing Chinese Infrastructural Power” on 28 Nov 2012

Ms SKACHKOVA Maria, “Hong Kong Environmental Policy: Problems, Actors and Agendas” on 22 Nov 2012

Mr. XIAO Hanyu, “Position-related Consumption and Corruption in China: An institutionalist Analysis” on 19 Nov 2012

Miss MAI Qianqing, “Expanding Non-governmental Space in Green Building Practices in China: A Tale of Three Cities” on 14 Nov 2012

Miss ZHAO Wenqing, “A Confucian Concept of Human Rights and Its Application to the Issue of Informed Consent in Biomedical Practice” on 4 Oct 2012

Miss MAI Qianqing, “Searching for Effective Horizontal Coordination in Cross-Sectoral Climate Change Policy: A Nascent Intra-governmental Mechanism in Chinese Cities” on 10 Sep 2012

Miss HAN Lin, “Experimenting with social stability risk governance in China: Insights from the Ping An (Safety) Association in Xintai city, Shandong Province” on 24 Aug 2012

Ms LIU Ting, “Siting Conflicts and Sustainable Development: Collective Action against Locally Unwanted Land Uses in Hong Kong” on 16 Aug 2012

Miss YU Mengyan, “A Floating Home of Chinese Korean Minority” on 2 Aug 2012
Research Student Seminars in 2011/12
Ms LIN Wenyi, “The Challenges of Establishing Basic Pension Insurance for Migrant Workers in Urban China” on 18 May 2012

Ms SUN Xiaoyi, “Exploring Institutional Capacity in Neighborhood Governance: Case Study of Taipei” on 27 Mar 2012

Ms ZHENG Bixian, “Rise of New Social Movement and its Impact on Governance in Hong Kong: The Case of Heritage Conservation Movement” on 31 Jan 2012

Ms LI Letian, “Formation of Infrastructural Power: Study on Service-oriented Government in China from the Perspective of Contracting out Neighborhood-based Service” on 31 Jan 2012

Ms LIANG Yuqing, “Deepening reform through fostering path dependence: The case of mega-ministry reform in Shunde, Guangdong, China” on 17 Jan 2012

Mr. SUN DE LA CRUZ Holvert, “Public Participation in Hong Kong: Stakeholders' Perspectives” on 19 Dec 2011

Mr. CHEN Kai, “Exploring the Determinants of Funding Levels in Watershed Eco-Compensation Programs in China” on 22 Nov 2011

Miss WU Yan, “Fiscal Decentralization and Government Responsiveness: The Impact of Fiscal Reform on Local Expenditure Structure in China“ on 22 Nov 2011

Miss LIANG Yuqing, “Understanding the process of administrative reform in local government: the case of 'Mega-ministry' administrative reform in Shunde district, Guangdong, China“ on 21 Nov 2011

Miss LIU Ting, “Collective Action against Locally Unwanted Land Uses in Hong Kong” on 15 Nov 2011

Miss KINNARI Annukka, “Guangzhou Re-globalising: Analysing a city's changing image in a transforming China (1980-2010)” on 15 Nov 2011

Miss MAI Qianqing, “Collaborative Municipal Climate Networks and the Dynamic Transformation of the Chinese Environmental State: - Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou Cities” on 9 Nov 2011

Miss HAN Lin, “Experimenting with Social Stability Risk Governance in Shandong province, China” on 9 Nov 2011

Miss YU Mengyan, “The Ethnic Identity Construction of Chinese Minority through Political Socialization Channels: - A case study of China’s Korean minority from Yanbian” on 8 Nov 2011

Miss LIN Wenyi, “Community service use by the elderly under the context of welfare socialization in China: Case study in Guangzhou and Zhongshan” on 8 Nov 2011

Miss KINNARI Annukka, “Image in transition: Guangzhou reinventing itself for the Asian Games 2010” on 4 Oct 2011

Ms ZHU Guilan, “Transforming the Agency of Chinese Civil Servants: A case study of the “Sending the cadres off” scheme in Hubei Province” on 27 Sep 2011