Academic and professional education

Academic and Professional Education

We offers various courses for students to learn more about social entrepreneurship.

Gateway Education courses:

     1. GE1218 Make a Difference: The Challenge of Social Entrepreneurs in a Globalized World.
     2. GE1220 Enhancing Your Service Leadership for the 21st Century
     3. GE2245 Professions in Hong Kong and Beyond: Critical Insights and Issues
     4. GE2246 Changing Our Society: Turning Social Problems into Business Opportunity
     5. GE2247 Social Innovation and Entrepreneurial Venture Exploration


Minor Course:

     POL3900 Fundamentals of Social Entreneurship
    The Minor aims to equip students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to diagnose social problems and generate innovative ideas for systemic change from multi-disciplinary perspectives.
    It includes a core course and a combination of 4 elective courses from public policy, social welfare, business management, marketing and finance. 


*To be offered:

              Writing Apps for Social Innovation






Student service leadership

Student Service Leadership

Student Service Leadership Development (SSLD) education shares common values and contents with the education that underpins social innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Project WeCan: cooperating with Wharf Holdings, we matched with two secondary schools in Hong Kong. Students can build up team spirits and leadership through the volunteer work.
    E.g. organizing and volunteering in Critizas Bazaar in 2015

  • Student Internships: in Government, Business, Third Sector, and Socially Entrepreneurial Organizations that will enable students both to learn from and contribute to the organizations involved.
    E.g. Internship Progeammes to Singapore, Shanghai and Zhonghai in 2014 and 2015

  • Student Entrepreneurship Experience: students are coached by faculty and community experts to enter competitions for social entrepreneurship.
    E.g. the Social Enterprise Challenge open to all university students in Hong Kong

  • Student Fellowships: for Advanced Students to participate in overseas courses and study tours, sharing their learning with peers on their return to Hong Kong (funding permitting).
    E.g. Student Study Tours to Singapore and Taipei respectively in 2014


Research and Knowledge Transfer

Research and Knowledge Transfer

We hope to introduce the concept of social innovation and entrepreneurship to the university community, generate interest, and share best practices.

In 2013, Project Flame initiated the research on Social Enterprise Endorsement System in Hong Kong in collaboration with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprise (HKGCSE). We were invited to develop the endorsement tool.

Project Flame has successfully hosted and initiated:
     1. Community Forum on Social Innovation (2012)
     2. Workshop of Medicine Management Systems (2012)
     3. International Symposium in Discovery and Incubation and Scalable Social Impact (2013)
     4. International Symposium in Idea Incubation and Scaling Up (2014)

Social Innovation Incubation

Social Innovation Incubation

Project Flame functions as a community-centred Collaborative Hub for the incubation and support of social innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a space for the exchange of innovative ideas, practices, and social interventions.

  • Hand2 Spot: a second-hand shop for CityU teachers and students to attempt concept about green products. We held a Green Fashion Show in 2013 and 2014 to spread the Green atmosphere.
  • "Photo with a Message" Competition (2013): encouraging students to care about their community by photo-taking and provoking reflections on social problems.
  • "Social Entrepreneurs in Residence": outside experts spending time in CityU to share experiences, conduct research, organize master classes for agency heads and practitioners, hold seminars and workshops, and spearhead town-and-gown exchanges and international collaboration.
  • Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit (2012-14): we are one of the co-sponsor in the summit and we encouraged CityU students to attend the social entrepreneur talks.