Dear Colleagues,

We are approaching the end of another academic year. Normally at this time, campus communications and activities are dominated by concerns related to final-year projects, essay submissions and end-of-term examinations. Last week, however, we received a message from the Executive Committee of the Computer Science Society that drew attention to a very different kind of concern.

One of their fellow students has been seriously ill with leukemia for two years. The student’s family has already spent HK$600,000 on treatment but with little progress. The doctor has recently suggested using a different kind of drug and the family is now looking for another HK$200,000 to cover expenses. To relieve the family’s financial burden, the Committee and the students from the Department of Computer Science held a 3-day charity sale on campus last week to raise funds for the family. Their message was an appeal for campus support. It was a simple but powerful message to remind us of our humanistic concerns.

We admire the students’ spontaneous actions and selfless regard for the needs of others. The 3-day event was conducted in a thoughtful, non-intrusive and non-disruptive manner, setting a good model for the CityU community. The students put their creativity and organisational skills to good use for the benefit of others. They exemplified the all-round education that CityU wants to promote. We thank them for the opportunity to make a humble contribution to this worthy cause.

Staff from the Department of Computer Science, Student Development Services and the Office of Vice-President (Student Affairs) played a key role in helping to solicit sponsorship for the charity sale and lining up logistical support from various units and offices on campus. The event demonstrated strong solidarity and cooperation among students, staff and management. Indeed, their actions will generate more good actions because we believe “the virtuous lacks no company”.

I often say that our students are also our teachers. The computer science students’ self-initiated charity sale is evidence of the positive energy that exists among young people in Hong Kong. Let’s continue to support the humanistic concerns of our students, and help them find positive expression in concrete actions to make a difference to society.

Lastly, on behalf of everyone at CityU, I wish our computer science student a speedy recovery.

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor