Dear Colleagues,

The CityU Arts Festival 2015 opened on 14 October with a beautiful concert performed by the CityU Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert was well-attended and well-received by an audience of over 200 participants, including the Deputy Consul-General of Italy in Hong Kong. The event was one of a series of exciting programmes to be performed on campus by budding CityU artists over the next two months, spanning to the end of December.

In addition to the CityU Philharmonic Orchestra, there will also be performances by the CityU Choir, CityU Chinese Orchestra, CityU Concert Singers, and CityU Students’ Union Dancing Society. They will be performing together with other local artists, as well as artists from the mainland and many parts of the world. The programmes include opera singing, musical performance, dance performance, a Christmas Concert and an oil painting exhibition.

CityU’s mission is to nurture talent and promote creativity, both for our society and the world. I congratulate the Cultural and Sports Committee for their efforts in creating these valuable performing opportunities for our staff and student artists. Each artistic performance is a valuable experience, and a demonstration of teamwork, discipline and creativity, the cherished values of the University.

I am also delighted to see that the University, in addition to providing an elegant venue for the performance of its orchestra, choir and dance troupe, is also creating opportunities for the students to learn and to perform side-by-side with professionals from all over the world, and to become engaged in various kinds of cultural and artistic exchanges with our external partners.

I believe that culture can bring people together to spur innovation and that the arts can bring beauty and a sense of harmony to enrich our lives. CityU’s educational goal is concerned with both the pursuit of academic excellence and with the development of culture and the arts to open up students’ hearts and minds to embrace a common humanity.

I thank all the participating students and staff members and the Cultural and Sports Committee for their valuable contribution to the CityU Arts Festival 2015. I invite all our colleagues to take time from your busy schedule to attend some of the events, and to share an enjoyable evening with your family or friends, under the charm of their talented performances.

Best wishes,

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor