Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted that the Brazil Bougainvillea has been chosen by the campus community to be the University Flower of CityU. A celebration was held on 7 November to honour CityU’s new floral emblem and to pay tribute to our hard-working gardeners.

After studying with the University community in 2015, I have asked Mr Sunny Lee Wai-kwong, Vice-President (Administration), to take responsibility for the selection of CityU Flower. Earlier this year, all CityU stakeholders were invited to express their preference for eight flowers commonly found across campus that had been shortlisted by a University Flower Selection Panel. The Panel comprised representatives from staff, students and alumni; internal and external advisors; and a member of the Landscaping Team under the Campus Development and Facilities Office. More than 1,500 participants contributed to the selection by clicking the online “LIKE” button.

The Brazil Bougainvillea is a perfect symbol for CityU. It has vibrant colours and a buoyant outlook. It is admired for its strong and resilient character, and it blossoms several times a year, offering new life and unfolding new contours to enrich our campus landscape. We will be planting more Brazil Bougainvillea on campus to add more vitality and colour to our dynamic university.

Throughout the selection process from March to November this year, our gardeners actively provided useful professional advice to the Panel. They also helped by promoting the event, including taking photos of the shortlisted flowers for campus display and assisting in organising guided green campus tours to see the flowers and other promotional activities. They well deserve our appreciation for taking care of our trees and shrubs and providing us with a pleasant and enjoyable environment in which to work and study.

You might be aware that there are over 60 species of shrubs and trees with different features, characteristics and flowering times on campus. They are looked after with the utmost care and devotion by our gardeners, come rain or shine. Visitors to the University are often impressed by the beauty of the natural scenery so exquisitely represented in our ancient Chinese Garden. Nature is thriving in perfect harmony with the modern, iconic architecture of this fast-growing university.

Nature is our best teacher. CityU is committed to maintaining the biodiversity of our campus to support creativity. Our next step is to plan a range of activities involving students and staff to use our floral emblem and other campus flowers as sources of inspiration, to design innovative souvenirs using their artistic talent, and to promote our admiration for nature.

I look forward to your enthusiastic participation and support.

Thank you.

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor