Dear Colleagues,


CityU’s professional education has many success stories. The most recent is that of Mr Harsh Agrawal, a 2017 graduate from the School of Creative Media. Part of the animation team behind Coco, which won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature this year, he is now a lead animation artist, contributing to the art industry with the talent and knowledge he developed at CityU.

Pursuing excellence in professional education to nurture talent and support innovation is the core mission at CityU. I would like to thank Professor Henry Chung Shu-hung of the Department of Electronic Engineering and Dr Lam Miu-ling, Assistant Professor in the School of Creative Media, winners of this year’s CityU Teaching Excellence Awards, for their exemplary contributions. We congratulate Professor Chung and Dr Lam for their creative integration of research and teaching. Their efforts inspire students to invent and innovate, discouraging them from being passive learners. We are particularly impressed by the success of Professor Chung and Dr Lam in helping our young people to engage in innovation and knowledge transfer across disciplines and professional fields; creating new products and exciting solutions for real-world problems; and improving the quality of life.

Through our colleagues’ valuable contributions, we have expanded our academic programmes and research and knowledge transfer activities over the past ten years. In the process, we have achieved impressive results in global higher education. However, space shortage and campus congestion remain critical issues, notwithstanding our success in adding 60% more space to campus since 2013.

The University Grants Committee recently acknowledged that this shortage of teaching and research space amounted to 31,750m2 for 2018/19. Our senior management team reviewed these infrastructure needs at a retreat earlier this month, taking into account existing demand and projects in the pipeline. The retreat produced short- and long-term proposals for improving congestion, optimising space utilisation, and creating new space for strategic initiatives.

Our target to meet major space demands by 2022 by reducing congestion on campus can be achieved if our proposals are implemented successfully and if we avoid delays to our construction, renovation and re-allocation projects.

We hope the campus community can help us to accomplish this challenging task for the common good of all.

Best wishes,

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor