Dear Colleagues,

Living in Hong Kong, we have the pleasure of celebrating both the western and the lunar new year. I hope you all had a relaxing time visiting family and friends over the holiday season.

In a changing and globalising world, the fundamental roles of a university remain unchanged, i.e. to generate new knowledge and ideas that are the main driver of economic growth, to provide students with an education that becomes the foundation for individual prosperity and social mobility, and to serve society. In whatever circumstances, attracting and enrolling the best local and non-local students to study on our campus will continue to be one of our foci as they constitute the core of a university.

Instead of waiting for them to choose CityU, it is our responsibility to attract those with the right calibre to apply for studying on our campus. Each year I have the opportunity to give six to eight talks at secondary schools in Hong Kong and additional talks at places outside Hong Kong, engaging in face-to-face exchanges with high school students, their parents and teachers.

Such exposure not only generates a good impression for CityU among secondary school students, it demonstrates our strength as a visionary hub for professional education. The most recent visits include
St. Mark’s School and SKH Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School as well as the Hong Kong Subsidized Secondary Schools Council. More visits, subject to my availability, are in the pipeline. From time to time, I have the pleasure of seeing CityU students who happen to be visiting their alma mater. I am also personally mentoring a few high school students.

In my exchanges with students, I have discovered that there is a tendency to choose a university based on its overall ranking rather than subject ranking, forgetting that it is a waste of personal opportunity and social resources if, for example, one signs up for studying engineering at a university strong in business or pursuing a law degree at a university better known for medical science.

I hope our University community will join me in promoting CityU whenever possible since, as Mencius put it, the noble man has three things he delights in, and to reach the most talented individuals under heaven and teach and nourish them is one of them.

We have made great progress in generating an interdisciplinary learning culture in Hong Kong and elsewhere, one that enhances students’ creativity, employability and professional leadership. But the road ahead is still long. We will join hands in fulfilling our mission by providing our students with a nurturing environment, space for creativity and critical thinking, plus opportunities to discover and innovate.


Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor