October 2018
New Frontier for Organic/Hybrid Functional Materials and Devices: From Molecular Engineering to Technology Innovations

Alex Jen Kwan-yue
Provost, Chair Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science

April 2018
My Citizens Panel:
New approaches to
citizen satisfaction and
public policy polling

Richard M Walker
Chair Professor, Department of Public Policy
Associate Dean (CLASS), College of Liberal Arts and
Social Sciences

March 2018
Integrated Elderly Care:
Challenges and Opportunities

Frank Chen Youhua
Chair Professor of Management Sciences Head
Department of Management Sciences


January 2018
Nano Exploration in Civil Engineering

Liew Kim-meow
Chair Professor of Civil Engineering


November 2017
Don't just blame the animals, but who is to blame?

The role of animals and humans in the looming antimicrobial apocalypse

Michael P Reichel
Dean of College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences

March 2017
Birds, People and Avian Influenza

Dirk Pfeiffer
Chair Professor of One Health,
School of Veterinary Medicine
City University of Hong Kong

January 2017
Particulate Matter (PM) Air Pollution

Chan Chak-keung
Chair Professor of Atmospheric Environment
Dean of the School of Energy and Environment

October 2016
Science, Art and Humanistic Understanding

Richard Allen
Chair Professor of Film and Media Art
Dean of the School of Creative Media

April 2016
Mangrove Wetland:Our Green Kidney

Nora Tam Fung-Yee
Chair Professor of Biology
Director of the Futian–CityU Mangrove R&D Centre

January 2016
Biochips and Nanomedicine: From Basic Research to Clinical Applications

Michael Yang Mengsu
Head and Chair of Department of Biomedical Sciences


October 2015
Harmonisation of consumer and contract law: Any lesson from Europe for Asia?

Geraint Gordon Howells
Chair Professor of Commercial Law
Dean of School of Law

September 2015
Managing toxics in the environment

Paul Lam Kwan-shing
Chair Professor of Biology
Director of State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollutionbr

April 2015
Equity and Inequity: Exploring Urban Residential Wealth

Ray Forrest
Chair Professor of Housing and Urban Studies
Head of Department of Public Policy

February 2015
Nanotechnology for Biomedical Microsystems

Stella W. Pang
Chair Professor of Electronic Engineering
Director, Centre for Biosystems, Neuroscience, and Nanotechnology

January 2015
Are Western Criticisms of China's Nationality Policy Valid?

Zang Xiaowei
Chair Professor of Social Sciences
Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

October 2014
Robotic Single Cell Manipulation:
New Frontiers in Bioengineering

Sun Dong
Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Head of Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering


March 2014
Global Warming:
Natural or Human-induced?

Johnny Chan Chung-leung
Chair Professor of Atmospheric Science
Dean of School of Energy and Environment
Director of Guy Carpenter Asia-Pacific Climate Impact Centre


Jan 2014
The Contemporary Significance of Confucian Views about the Ethical Values of Music

Philip J. Ivanhoe
Chair Professor of East Asian and Comparative Philosophy and Religion, Department of Public Policy

Director of Centre for East Asian and Comparative Philosophy

Nov 2013
Subjective Probability:
Its Axioms and Acrobatics

Nozer Darabsha Singpurwalla
Chair Professor of Risk Analysis and Management Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Department of Management Sciences


Oct 2013
Materials, civilization and technology innovation

C. T. Liu
University Distinguished Professor

April 2013
Humble Accounting, Institutional Infrastructure, and Stock Price Crash Risk

Kim Jeong-Bon
Head of the Department of Accountancy Chair Professor of Accountancy

March 2013
From One to Infinity

Ron Chen Guanrong
Chair Professor of Electronic Engineering
Director of the Centre for Chaos and Complex Networks

January 2013
The 2008 Financial Tsunami and Future Prospects: Information Technology as Cause and Remedy of Financial Risks

Jianliang Leon Zhao
Head of Department of Information Systems
Chair Professor of Information Systems

December 2012
Geometry and Elasticity

Philippe G Ciariet
University Distinguished Professor


October 2012
In Search of a Land of Happiness:
Utopia and Its Discontents

Zhang Longxi
Chair Professor of Comparative Literature and Translation


April 2012
Achieving High Strength and
High Ductility Nanomaterials:

Concept, Properties and Applications

Jian Lu
Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dean of the College of Science and Engineering

Director of the Centre for Advanced Structural Materials


March 2012
Local Experiences, Global Theories:
Cultural Relevance in International

Communication Research

Lee Chin-chuan
Chair Professor of Communication

Head of the Department of Media and Communication

Director of the Center for Communication Research


January 2012
Surface Engineering and Modification of Materials

Paul K Chu
Chair Professor of Materials Engineering

November 2011
Robustness of Supply Chain Coordination Contracts: A Game Theoretic Approach

Yan Houmin
Chair Professor of Management Sciences
Head of Department of Management Sciences


September 2011
Re-defining the Teaching-Research Nexus: Building the CityU Discovery-enriched Curriculum

Arthur Ellis
Provost and Chair Professor of Chemistry

May 2011
FUTURE CINEMA—creating new realities

Jeffrey Shaw
Dean of School of Creative Media

Chair Professor of Media Art

April 2011
From Vision to Immunology via Mathematics

Stephen Smale
University Distinguished Professor

March 2011
Reliability Challenges Using Nano Technologies

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor

November 2010
Rethinking our Future: Old Boundaries, New Horizons

Gregory Lee
Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Chair Professor of Chinese and Transcultural Studies