Environmental Performance

The University is dedicated to providing a green campus and promoting environmentally friendly practices in its operations. In its latest report, the Campus Development and Facilities Office highlighted a series of successful initiatives for improving sustainability undertaken in the past year, including the continued recycling of grey water for watering plants and the staged replacement of the central chiller plant. Other indicators of the University's strong performance in improving environmental protection on campus relates to the reduction and management of waste. By strongly advocating the 5 Rs across campus, the University saved more than 230 tonnes of solid waste through recycling in 2010. Another success has been the treatment system put into operation last year to collect, filter and disinfect water from wash basins and discharged water from equipment cooling in laboratories. The system also condensates water from air-handling and fan coil units in offices. The treated water is then used for irrigation purposes. The system is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong, turning 70m3 of grey water into clean water every day. This equates to the daily water consumption of approximately 500 people. It is an interesting project which saves on our natural resources and our annual water bill. Having gained experience and important advances in managing our impact on the environment, the University is well poised to move forward with better environmental management plans to set reduction targets on energy, waste, water and CO2 emissions (from energy use). To build a sustainable future, it is imperative that we continue to heighten awareness in the University community by integrating the ethos and practice of social responsibility into our work and studies, contributing to the wider community.

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