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Hand² Spot (H²S) Rules and Regulations


  1. Once the owner decides to donate his/her goods to H²S, the latter automatically obtains the ownership of the said goods.
  2. The owner may suggest the pricing but H²S makes the final decision.
  3. All proceeds from the sales of donated goods are disposed by H²S.


  1. The selling period of all goods under consignment agreement is 30 days, starting from the day after the agreement is signed.
  2. The owner suggests the price for each piece of goods under consignment agreement but no more than 50% of the original price.
  3. If the goods on consignment sales are sold within the selling period, the owner obtains all the proceeds and pays admin fees of HK$10 per item.
  4. For goods that fail to be sold within the selling period, the owner can take back the goods within 5 days after the 30-day selling period and pay admin fees HK$ 10/item. Otherwise the goods are automatically seen as donation and H²S obtains the full ownership.


  1. Goods acceptable for donation/consignment sales include: books, small electronic appliances (with British Standard Plug ONLY), CDs, DVDs, bags and others under HK$ 500.
  2. All goods should be in decent condition which means usable.
  3. Warranty certificate and original receipt are preferred.
  4. Goods inacceptable for donation/consignment sales include: pirated products, pornographic content, food, cosmetics and goods larger than 1 cubic foot.
  5. Goods to be priced below HK$ 500.


  1. Liability: The quality and source of all items on display at H²S are the liability of the seller and buyer. H²S only serves as a platform for exchange and sale.
  2. Items on display at H²S: While H²S will do its best to provide a secure environment, H²S is not liable for damage to or theft of items on display.


  1. Purchasing items: H²S staff will refrain from the purchase of any item(s) on display at H²S.