Our Vision & Mission

As a clean and renewable energy source, our mission is to promote interest, research and the application of marine energy to the region and specifically Hong Kong. Marine energy has potentially a valuable role in local integrated resource planning for the long coastlines and resort communities of South East Asia. We aim to draw together the multi-disciplinary skills that are required to advance marine energy technologies into a modern industry and to develop business partnerships that accelerate learning from existing marine experience and allied knowledge.

Why Marine Energy?

Recently, most of the worldwide focus on renewables was directed towards wind and solar. However, another great resource is emerging as an alternative: the oceans. International effort into exploiting this new resource is growing at a fast pace, with several device designs, testing centers, international conferences, and, recently, commercial implementation. This resource is extremely predictable (especially tidal energy) when compared to wind or solar that are more prone to be obscured by unexpected weather conditions. Ideally, different kind of renewables should be used together in order to produce a stronger, more stable energy output, and to reduce electricity production cost. The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that marine energy could play a sizable role in the world energy mix by 2030.