Research Centres


Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law

Director: Dr CHEN Lei


As a financial hub under the principle of “One Country, Two Systems”, Hong Kong practises the common law system and meanwhile enjoys being well-versed in Chinese law development given the inextricable trade ties between two sides. Hong Kong also serves as an international legal and dispute resolution centre for the Asia Pacific region, and provides legal services in tandem with the Belt & Road Initiative announced by Central Government of the People’s Republic of China.

Ever since its establishment, City University of Hong Kong Law School has set Chinese Law as one of its teaching and research foci. The Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law (RCCL) was established in 1994 to foster research and scholarly discussion on the changing legal landscape of China. The RCCL is an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the academic investigation of Chinese law, public and private, substantive and procedural. The Centre aims to explore all cutting-edge areas related to Chinese legal development, their intricate relationships to and distinctiveness from each other, and questions about the nature and trend of rule of law in China as a whole. The Centre draws on multiple disciplines outside law, including economics, history, cognitive science, and philosophy. It also encourages comparative work, especially involving Commonwealth and civil-law systems.


As China’s southern gateway, Hong Kong is in an ideal position to conduct research in order to gain a deep understanding of the most recent developments in Chinese law and to forge the links with the Chinese legal community, including students, lawyers, judges and government officials. This makes the RCCL’s research agendas even more dynamic and distinctive. We aspire to compare Chinese law and common law with a sophistication, which is rarely seen within each legal tradition.



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Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law

Director: Professor Geraint HOWELLS

Our Mission

To provide an innovative, multi-disciplinary Centre to meet the ever-growing needs of industry and scholarship in Hong Kong. The Centre responds to an urgent need for a maritime and transportation law centre in Hong Kong that can meet critical requirements of industry, the practicing Bar and the region while advancing the frontiers of maritime and transportation law practice and scholarship from a local and comparative perspective.


The Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law was established in March 2010 as a result of consultation with representatives of the maritime industry and potential partners from other jurisdictions. The Centre serves as a bridge between the academia, industry and the legal profession. It is comparative in perspective and global in scope. Its role is to nurture and train the next generation of maritime law and shipping professionals and promote Hong Kong as a premier global seaport.

While primarily focusing on maritime law the Centre is also concerned with the law relating to other forms of transportation, such as air, road, rail and multimodal. The Centre also maintains a health interest in the law of outer space and telecommunications law.

The Centre is supported by the Law School’s significant experience in comparative teaching and research, its professional staff, its international linkages, its ties to the arbitration profession and the shipping industry and its existing and developing expertise in maritime and transportation law.

To date the Centre is currently offering subjects for study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At postgraduate level the Maritime and Transportation Law stream of Master of Laws (LLM) programme commenced in Semester A, 2010, with the offering of the subjects Maritime Law and International Air Law. In Semester B, 2011, the subjects Maritime Insurance Law, Maritime Arbitration Law and Oceans, Law and Policy were added to the list of subjects available to LLM and JD students. International experts such as Professor Charles Norchi and Mr David Branson were involved in the teaching of several of these subjects.

Additionally, the subject Air and Space Law was offered to students studying in the LLB program in Semester A, 2010-2011, with the subject Shipping Law which is offered in the consecutive Semester A, 2011-2012.

The research capacity of the Centre has further been enhanced with the addition of a research scholar in Semester B, 2011, to undertake research into issues related to the port of Hong Kong.

The development of the Centre continues to take place with strong industry involvement and support.


The Centre has the following objectives:

  • Offering courses in maritime and transportation law;
  • Offering short training courses specially tailor-made for those engaged in the maritime and transportation industry;
  • Promoting student participation in moot and other competitions in maritime and transportation law areas;
  • Developing its research profile by initiating or joining projects in maritime and transportation law;
  • Developing a significant international publications profile;
  • Establishing international links with institutions engaging in the study of maritime and transportation law;
  • Staging conferences and other events, either individually or jointly, to promote scholarship; and,
  • Developing a critique of the law and proposals for its revision where appropriate.

Research Focus

The Centre is committed to conducting in depth research in the following areas:

  • Maritime, Shipping and Admiralty law;
  • Aviation law;
  • Road and rail law; and,
  • The law of outer space and related telecommunications law.


Phone: (852) 3442 8008
Fax: (852) 3442 0190