Research Centres


Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law

Director: Professor LIN Feng
Associate Director: Professor HE Xin

Our Mission

The Centre contributes to the University's goal of excellence - research. The Centre aspires to become the premier Chinese and comparative law research centre in the Asia Pacific region through organizing and facilitating research on Chinese and comparative law. The Centre disseminates research results and knowledge in the HKSAR, the Mainland and overseas. The Centre provides a platform for discussion and exchange of knowledge amongst a diverse group of scholars and develops links for a co-operative research culture.


The increasing economic and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland have placed greater importance on improving mutual understanding of the Chinese and Hong Kong legal systems. With China's resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong on 1 July 1997, there is an increasing need for more and better comparative research in Chinese law, common law and laws of other jurisdictions, especially those in the Asia Pacific region. The Centre for Chinese and Comparative Law was established in 1993-94 to foster research and scholarly discussion on Chinese and comparative law.


The Centre's goal is to broaden the horizon of human knowledge and to contribute to the betterment of society. The Centre extends knowledge and understanding of different legal systems by encouraging academic exchanges and research. The specific objectives of the Centre are as follows:

  • to encourage, facilitate and organize research projects on issues concerning Chinese law and comparative law
  • to host conferences independently and/or jointly with other institutions and bodies on contemporary issues in connection with Chinese law and comparative law
  • to publish the Journal of Chinese and Comparative Law twice yearly
  • to organize on a regular basis seminars on Chinese law, Hong Kong law and comparative law and
  • to establish new academic links with local and overseas institutions interested in Chinese law and comparative law.

Research Focus

In addition to its research on various issues relating to Chinese law, the Centre is committed to conducting in-depth comparative research in the following areas:

  • commercial law
  • environmental law
  • constitutional and administrative law
  • criminal law and administration of justice civil law
  • intellectual property law


Phone: (852) 3442 8008
Fax: (852) 3442 0190


Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law

Director: Professor Geraint HOWELLS

Our Mission

To provide an innovative, multi-disciplinary Centre to meet the ever-growing needs of industry and scholarship in Hong Kong. The Centre responds to an urgent need for a maritime and transportation law centre in Hong Kong that can meet critical requirements of industry, the practicing Bar and the region while advancing the frontiers of maritime and transportation law practice and scholarship from a local and comparative perspective.


The Hong Kong Centre for Maritime and Transportation Law was established in March 2010 as a result of consultation with representatives of the maritime industry and potential partners from other jurisdictions. The Centre serves as a bridge between the academia, industry and the legal profession. It is comparative in perspective and global in scope. Its role is to nurture and train the next generation of maritime law and shipping professionals and promote Hong Kong as a premier global seaport.

While primarily focusing on maritime law the Centre is also concerned with the law relating to other forms of transportation, such as air, road, rail and multimodal. The Centre also maintains a health interest in the law of outer space and telecommunications law.

The Centre is supported by the Law School’s significant experience in comparative teaching and research, its professional staff, its international linkages, its ties to the arbitration profession and the shipping industry and its existing and developing expertise in maritime and transportation law.

To date the Centre is currently offering subjects for study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At postgraduate level the Maritime and Transportation Law stream of Master of Laws (LLM) programme commenced in Semester A, 2010, with the offering of the subjects Maritime Law and International Air Law. In Semester B, 2011, the subjects Maritime Insurance Law, Maritime Arbitration Law and Oceans, Law and Policy were added to the list of subjects available to LLM and JD students. International experts such as Professor Charles Norchi and Mr David Branson were involved in the teaching of several of these subjects.

Additionally, the subject Air and Space Law was offered to students studying in the LLB program in Semester A, 2010-2011, with the subject Shipping Law which is offered in the consecutive Semester A, 2011-2012.

The research capacity of the Centre has further been enhanced with the addition of a research scholar in Semester B, 2011, to undertake research into issues related to the port of Hong Kong.

The development of the Centre continues to take place with strong industry involvement and support.


The Centre has the following objectives:

  • Offering courses in maritime and transportation law;
  • Offering short training courses specially tailor-made for those engaged in the maritime and transportation industry;
  • Promoting student participation in moot and other competitions in maritime and transportation law areas;
  • Developing its research profile by initiating or joining projects in maritime and transportation law;
  • Developing a significant international publications profile;
  • Establishing international links with institutions engaging in the study of maritime and transportation law;
  • Staging conferences and other events, either individually or jointly, to promote scholarship; and,
  • Developing a critique of the law and proposals for its revision where appropriate.

Research Focus

The Centre is committed to conducting in depth research in the following areas:

  • Maritime, Shipping and Admiralty law;
  • Aviation law;
  • Road and rail law; and,
  • The law of outer space and related telecommunications law.


Phone: (852) 3442 8008
Fax: (852) 3442 0190