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Plenary Sessions - Speakers

A Theory of Injustice
Prof. dr. Antony Pemberton, Professor of Victimology, Director INTERVICT, Tilburg University (Abstract and Bio)
Resilience and Victims of Violence
Professor Benjamin Roebuck, Professor & Coordinator, Graduate Victimology Program Algonquin College, Canada (Abstract and Bio)
Victims of Domestic Violence and Restorative Justice in Brazil: Notes from the "Periphery" to the "World Centres".
Professor Fernanda Fonseca Rosenblatt, Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP) (Bio)
Resolving School Bullying: Empowering Victims through Restorative Practices
Professor Dennis Wong, City University of Hong Kong (Bio)
Mr. Jiangan Guo, Ministry of Justice, China Dennis


Professor Dr. Jeremy Sarkin is Professor of Law at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law and member of CEDIS at Nova University Law School in Lisbon, Portugal. (Bio) Jeremy