About the Conference | Theme


WSV 2018 Symposium

Main Theme

    • Victims and Victimization: moving towards an international victimology


      1. Advancing Theories in Victimology
      2. Fear of Crime Victimization
      3. Conflict, Oppression, Injustice, and Inequality
      4. Victims’ rights and the Criminal Justice System
      5. Mediation and Support for Victims
      6. Advancing Research Methodologies in Victimology
      7. Responding to Trauma
      8. Family Violence (Includes: IPV, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse)
      9. Mental Health and Victimization
      10. Environmental Injustice
      11. Policy and Prevention of Victimization
      12. Immigration/Migration: Refugees as Victims
      13. Race, Ethnicity, and Nationality
      14. Sex, Gender and Sexuality (including LGBTQ violence)
      15. Human Trafficking and Slavery
      16. Violence Against Women
      17. Institutional Abuse
      18. Victims of Online Crime/ or Cybercrime
      19. Victims’ and Restorative Justice
      20. Victimization and Terror
      21. Victimology in late life