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Welcoming Remark by City University of Hong Kong

On behalf of City University of Hong Kong, I welcome you to the 16th International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology 2018, co-organized by its Department of Applied Social Sciences and the World Society of Victimology.  The theme of the Symposium is Victims and Victimization: Moving towards an International Victimology.

City University of Hong Kong has achieved fast growth in recent years and we are humbled to have received international recognition for our achievements.  We recognize fully that higher education institutions have an important role to play in the modern society.  As a centre of knowledge development and transfer, our mission is to create and apply knowledge to support social advancement and we aspire to become the gateway for easy access to these valuable resources. 

Against this backdrop, we organise the Symposium with the aim to provide a platform for academics, professionals, policy-makers and practitioners to learn from each other, share experiences, explore challenges, and develop initiatives for the implementation of international victimology. We are confident that the Symposium will connect all of you and together we will form successful partnerships in the promotion of victimology, which is still under-developed in many countries in this region. We are honoured to have distinguished speakers from different parts of the world to share their unique experiences and issues of concern.  It is also encouraging to see so many participants representing a wide range of countries and institutions dedicated to the promotion of victim rights and victimology.  I take this opportunity to show our appreciation to your participation. 

Professor T Wing Lo
Head, Department of Applied Social Sciences
President, 16th International Symposium of the World Society of Victimology 2018

Welcoming Remark from the World Society of Victimology

Dear victimologists,

It is my sincere pleasure and honor to welcome you on behalf of the World Society of Victimology to the 16th International Symposium on Victimology. We are proud that the City University of Hong Kong will be the host of this important event.

The history of the triennial Symposiums of the World Society of Victimology is impressive. Successive International Symposiums were organized in Boston, USA in 1976 and in Münster, Germany in 1979, when the WSV was officially founded. Since then the Society has hosted Symposiums every three years in all major regions of the world. Here is the complete list of venues we have visited: Tokyo/Kyoto (1982); Zagreb (1985); Jerusalem (1988); Rio de Janeiro (1991); Adelaide (1994); Amsterdam (1997); Montreal (2000); Stellenbosch (2003); Orlando (2006); Mito (2009); The Hague (2012);and Perth (2015). All of these Symposiums have one thing in common: they reflected the state of the art in the field we have designated as Victimology. They brought together large numbers of academics and practitioners who share an interest in victims. They reported on empirical findings from various source disciplines and they exchanged experiences in day to day practical work. Together, they produced many hundreds of papers, some of which have been published in Symposium proceedings. These findings have assisted so many colleagues around the globe in initiating further research projects or improving victim support schemes.

Now we are on the verge of yet another summit of victimological reflection. Looking at the main Symposium theme that was selected for Hong Kong, "Victims and Victimization: moving toward an international victimology", my expectations are high. The main theme will be explored in keynote lectures and workgroup sessions dedicated to no less than 21 sub-themes, covering all topics of relevance for top of the bill Victimology. Yes, indeed, the program for the next Symposium is virtually irresistible for anyone interested in the field. The WSV is indebted to Professor Wing Lo and his team for attracting world class speakers and providing for first rate facilities.

In the world we live in today, the study of Victimology probably is more important than ever before. We are in dire need of more - and more reliable - data on the incidence of crime and other kinds and types of victimization. And we are eager to gain more profound knowledge about the real needs of real people who are victimized on a daily basis. Once we are aware of real needs, we want to better understand how to meet these needs. Such is the core of Victimology. It is about making this world a slightly better place for human beings who have been victimized. I could not think of a better reason why anyone should attend the upcoming 2018 Symposium in Hong Kong.

I wish all participants of the 16th International Symposium on Victimology a wonderful time and a great learning experience.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the World Society of Victimology,

Marc Groenhuijsen
President, World Society of Victimology