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The Cityview 城景國際酒店 (4 stars) (Information) Reservation Form (pdf)

Other Hotels

Langham Place Mongkok Hotel 香港康得思酒店 (5 stars)
Lodgewood Hotel 香港旺角薈賢 (4 stars)
Metropark Mongkok Hotel 旺角維景酒店 (3 stars)

Holiday Inn Golden Mile 假日酒店 (4 stars)
InterContinental Grand Stanford 海景嘉福洲際酒店 (5 stars)
Kowloon Hotel 九龍酒店 (4 stars)
Langham Hong Kong Hotel 香港朗廷酒店 (5 stars)
Luxe Manor 帝樂文娜公館 (4 stars)
Ramada Kowloon (3 stars)
Royal Garden Hotel (5 stars)
Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers 皇家太平洋酒店 (4 stars)
Royal Plaza Hotel 帝京酒店 (4.5 stars)
Regal Kowloon Hotel 富豪國際酒店 (4 stars)
The Mira Hong Kong (5 stars)

BP International龍堡國際 (3.5 stars)
Eaton Hotel 香港逸東酒店 (4 stars)
Metropark Kowloon Hotel 香港九龍維景酒店 (3 stars)
Novotel Nathan Hotel 香港九龍諾富特酒店 (4 stars)

Note: Some hotels provide free / charged coach service between airport and the hotel. Please enquire the chosen hotel for ground transportation on arrival and departure.