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Dr Alice Chan

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: M8075 CMC
Phone: 34429752
Fax: 34420288
Email: enalice@cityu.edu.hk
Alice Chan is Associate Professor in the Department. She gained her BA in Linguistics from the University of Lancaster, UK, her MPhil in Computer Speech and Language Processing from the University of Cambridge, UK, and her PhD in Linguistics from the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Before she joined the University, she had taught at the Language Centre, Hong Kong Baptist College (now known as Hong Kong Baptist University), and at the Department of English, the University of Hong Kong. She has published in various professional magazines, conference proceedings, edited books, and international journals, including leading, SSCI-listed (Social Sciences Citation Index-listed) or AHCI-listed (Arts and Humanities Citation Index-listed) journals such as TESOL Quarterly, Applied Linguistics, The Modern Language Journal, Linguistics, International Journal of Lexicography, Journal of Chinese Linguistics, The Canadian Journal of Linguistics, and Foreign Language Annals. She has also been a manuscript reviewer for many prestigious, international journals. Her research interests include second language acquisition, grammar, phonetics and phonology, and lexicography, and her teaching interests include English linguistics, English and Chinese in contrast, English grammar, and English phonetics and phonology.

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