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PhD – Universität Paderborn, Germany

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: G6613 Academic 1
Phone: +852 3442-2178
Email: damelunx@cityu.edu.hk
Web: github

Research Interests

  • Computational Mathematics
  • Probabilistic Analyses
  • Convex and Integral Geometry
  • High-dimensional Geometry
  • Data Science
Dr Dennis Amelunxen received his PhD degree from Universität Paderborn, Germany, in 2011. Before joining City University in 2014, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University, USA, and at The University of Manchester, UK. His research interests include computational mathematics, geometric and probabilistic aspects of numerical algorithms, convex programming, and convex and integral geometry.

Award and Achievement

  • Aug 2015 “Information and Inference Best Paper Prize” Information and Inference: a Journal of the IMA. Best paper prize for "Living on the edge: phase transitions in convex programs with random data" by Dennis Amelunxen, Martin Lotz, Michael B. McCoy, and Joel A. Tropp . [Announcement]

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  • Amelunxen, D. & Lotz, M. (Aug 2017). Average-case complexity without the black swans. Journal of Complexity. 41. 82 - 101. doi:10.1016/j.jco.2016.12.002
  • Amelunxen, D. & Lotz, M. (2017). Intrinsic volumes of polyhedral cones: a combinatorial perspective. Discrete and Computational Geometry.
  • Amelunxen, D. , Lotz, M. , McCoy, M. B. & Tropp, J. A. (Apr 2014). Living on the edge: phase transitions in convex programs with random data. Information and Inference. 3(3). 224 - 294. doi:10.1093/imaiai/iau005
  • Amelunxen, D. & Bürgisser, P. (Jan 2014). Intrinsic volumes of symmetric cones and applications in convex programming. Mathematical Programming. 149(1). 105 - 130. doi:10.1007/s10107-013-0740-2
  • Amelunxen, D. & Bürgisser, P. (Nov 2013). Probabilistic Analysis of the Grassmann Condition Number. Foundations of Computational Mathematics. 15(1). 3 - 51. doi:10.1007/s10208-013-9178-4
  • Amelunxen, D. & Bürgisser, P. (Sep 2012). A Coordinate-Free Condition Number for Convex Programming. SIAM Journal on Optimization. 22(3). 1029 - 1041. doi:10.1137/110835177
  • Bürgisser, P. & Amelunxen, D. (Apr 2010). Robust smoothed analysis of a condition number for linear programming. Mathematical Programming. 131(1-2). 221 - 251. doi:10.1007/s10107-010-0346-x


  • Amelunxen, D. (Dec 2014). Measures on polyhedral cones: characterizations and kinematic formulas.
    arXiv:1412.1569 [math.MG]
  • Amelunxen, D. & Lotz, M. (Aug 2014). Gordon's inequality and condition numbers in conic optimization.
    arXiv:1408.3016 [math.PR]


  • Amelunxen, D. & Bürgisser, P. (May 2012). Intrinsic volumes of symmetric cones.
    arXiv:1205.1863 [math.OC]
    This is an extended version of Intrinsic volumes of symmetric cones and applications in convex programming including an appendix on the biconic sigma algebra.


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