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Dr. Becky KWAN (關小珠博士)

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: M8083 CMC
Phone: 34429781
Fax: 34420288
Email: enbkwan@cityu.edu.hk
Becky Kwan coordinates and teaches on a variety of courses dealing with academic literacy and applied linguistics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including 'Acquisition of Specialist Discourse', 'Discourse in Language Teaching', 'English Communication Skills for Computing', and 'Literature Review for Research Writing'. She also gives invited seminars to research students at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) on subjects relating to scholarly literacy. Her main areas of research include academic discourse, genre analysis, and scholarly literacy practices. She has recently completed two SRG projects relating to scholarly publication in international refereed journals. Her work has been presented in international conferences and has also appeared in such international journals as English for Specific Purposes, Journal of English for Academic Purposes and Higher Education. She is currently Associate Editor of the Asian English for Specific Purposes Journal (AESPJ) and a reviewer of English for Specific Purposes, Journal of Linguistics and Education, and Asian Journal of English Language Teaching. Becky also serves as Quality Assurance Coordinator of the Department of English and sits on different academic committees which include the Committee of Discipline-Specific English in Technical Communication, the MAESP and the MATESL Program Committees.

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  • Kwan, Becky. SC. & Chan, Hang. (Summer 2014). An investigation of source use in the Results and the closing sections of empirical articles in Information Systems: In search of a functional-semantic citation typology for pedagogical purposes. Journal of English for Academic Purposes. 14. 29 - 47. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jeap.2013.11.004
  • Kwan, Becky. SC. (2013). Facilitating novice researchers in project publishing during the doctoral years and beyond: A Hong Kong-based study. Studies in Higher Education. 38/2. 207 - 225.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2012). Evaluating prior scholarship in literature reviews of research articles: A comparative study of practices in two research paradigms (co-authored with Hang Chan and Colin Lam). English for Specific Purposes. 31/3. 188 - 201.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2010). An investigation of instruction in research publishing in doctoral programs: The Hong Kong case. Higher Education. 59/1. 55 - 68.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2009). Reading in preparation for writing a PhD thesis: Case studies of experiences. Journal of English for Academic Purposes. 3/3. 180 - 191.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2008). The nexus of reading, writing and researching in the doctoral undertaking of humanities and social sciences: Implications for literature reviewing. English for Specific Purposes. 27/1. 42 - 56.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2006). The schematic structure of literature reviews in doctoral theses of applied linguistics. English for Specific Purposes. 25/1. 30 - 55.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2005). The dilemmas of modern working women in Hong Kong: Women's use of Korean TV dramas (co-authored with Angel M. Y. Lin). Asian Communication Research. 2/2. 23 - 42.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2004). The dilemmas of (modern) working women in (post-) Confucianist Asia: Women's use of Korean TV dramas (co-authored with Angel M. Y. Lin and Cheung Ming). Korean Broadcasting Institute. 11. 121 - 174.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2003). 'According to X, X said...' A consciousness-raising approach to helping Cantonese speakers overcome problems in topic-comment structures (co-authored with Alice Chan and David Li). Asia Pacific Journal of Language in Education. 5/2. 87 - 94.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2003). Misplacement and misuse of very: Helping students overcome the very + VERB problem (co-authored with Alice Y. W. Chan and David C. S. Li). The English Teacher: An International Journal. 6/2. 125 - 132.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2003). Tackling the 'independent clause as subject' problem (co-authored with Alice Y. W. Chan and David C. S. Li). Asian Journal of English Language Teaching. 13. 107 - 118.
  • Kwan, Becky S. C. (2002). An algorithmic approach to error correction: Correcting three common errors at different levels (co-authored with Alice Y. W. Chan and David C. S. Li). JALT Journal. 24/2. 201 - 216.

Book Chapter

  • Kwan, Becky. SC. (2014). Communities in studies of discursive practicesand discursive practices in communities. The Routledge Handbook of Language and Professional Communication. (pp. 443 - 460). London. Taylor & Francis.

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