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Professor Rodney Jones

Professor, Department of English

Associate Director, Office of Education Development and Gateway Education

Contact Information

Office: M8103 CMC
Phone: 34429636
Fax: 34420288
Email: enrodney@cityu.edu.hk
Professor Jones's main research interests include discourse analysis, health communication and language and sexuality. For the past fifteen years he has worked with colleagues such as Ron Scollon and Sigrid Norris in developing an approach to discourse analysis called mediated discourse analysis, an approach that focuses on how people use discourse along with other cultural tools to accomplish concrete social actions. This approach is outlined in his book Discourse in Action: Introducing Mediated Discourse Analysis (edited with Sigrid Norris, Routledge 2005). He has applied this approach to a variety of domains including computer mediated communication, sexual interaction, drug abuse, disability and collaborative writing. He is currently working on a number of projects including an examination of the role of discourse in the management of risk in everyday life and an exploration of practices of collaborative writing in the creative communication industries.

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Book Chapter

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