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Dr Klaudia Lee

MA, PhD (Nottingham)

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: M8082 CMC
Phone: 34425377
Fax: 34420288
Email: hiuylee@cityu.edu.hk


    • Literary and Cultural Studies
    • Literature and the City
    • Critical Approaches to Literature
    • British Literature and Culture
    • Modern and Contemporary Fiction
    • Reading Lives, Writing Selves: Autobiography and Culture
    • Re-Imagining English
Klaudia Lee's main research interests are nineeteenth-century literature and culture, Charles Dickens, narrative theory, spatiality, adaptation, appropriation and translation, comparative and world literature. She has a Master of Arts and a Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature from the University of Nottingham (UK), and a Journalism and Communication degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prior to pursuing an academic career, she worked as a journalist, covering a variety of news and feature stories in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, an experience of which has contributed to her interest in the interface between literature and journalism. Her first monograph, Charles Dickens and China, 1895-1915: Cross-Cultural Encounters (Routledge 2017), investigates the adaptation, transformation and subversion of the politics and ideologies of Dickensian texts during the cross-cultural transfer from Britain to China. Other projects include a study into the relationship between Victorian print culture and city narratives of Hong Kong (1842-1911) and a research project that investigates students' reading practices and their implication on literature pedagogy. In the academic year of 2017-18, she is the course coordinator of EN2717 Literary and Cultural Studies, EN3581 Literature and the City, EN6508 Critical Approaches to Literature and GE2407 Reading Lives, Writing Selves: Autobioraphy and Culture.

Research Grant

  • Charles Dickens, China and the Everyday , General Research Fund Early Career Scheme , Hong Kong Research Grants Council , Amount: HKD $270,000, 2015 - 2017, Klaudia Lee (PI).
  • Digital Archive of English Language Learning Histories , University Grants Committee , Amount: HKD $1,760,000, 2014 - 2016, Klaudia Lee (PI), Andy Gao (HKU, Co-I), John Trent (HKIED,Co-I).
  • The Space In-Between: Dickens, China and Victorian Print Culture, Research Strategic Grant , City University of Hong Kong, Amount: HKD $100,000, 2014 - 2015, Klaudia Lee (PI) .
  • Victorian Print Culture and City Narratives of Hong Kong (1842-1911), Research Start-Up Grant , City University of Hong Kong , Amount: HKD $199,824, 2014 - 2016, Klaudia Lee (PI).

Publication Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


  • Lee, HY Klaudia. (in press). Against the City: A comparative study of Charles Dickens's The Old Curiosity Shop and Lao She's Mr Ma and Son. Comparative Literature Studies.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. & Patkin, John. (2017). Building the Digital Archive of Hong Kong English Learning: Methodology, Challenges and Reflection. System. 65. 61 - 68.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2017). Contested Boundaries: Domesticity, Spatiality, and Short Fiction in the South China Morning Post (1904-07). Victorian Periodicals Review. 50:1. 157 - 171.
  • Lee, Klaudia H.Y. (2016). Audience Response and from Film Adaptation to Reading Literature. CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture. Thematic Issue: New Work in the Empirical Study of Literature and Culture. 18:2.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2016). Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities and the Power of the Everyday. The Explicator. 74:1. 5 - 7.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2016). Out of 'Place': Rooms, Dirt and Narrative of Space in Jean Rhys's Voyage in the Dark. The Explicator. 74:3. 143 - 146.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. & Patkin, John. (2016). Reading as Experience: Literature, Response and Imagination. Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education. 23:1. 67 - 76.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2014). Re-thinking 'Global Dickens': The Case of the Cross-Cultural Transfer of David Copperfield. Journal of Victorian Culture. 19:1. 63 - 78.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2013). 'Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Dickensian Spatiality: The Case of Little Dorrit'. English. 62. 6 - 12.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2013). Review of Global Dickens, eds. John Jordan and Nirshan Perera. Dickens Quarterly. 39/4. 316 - 318.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2012). 'A Tale of Two Cities and Chinese Literary History'. Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature. 122. 24 - 35.


  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (2017). Charles Dickens and China, 1895-1915: Cross-Cultural Encounters. London and New York:  Routledge.

Book Chapter

  • Lee, Klaudia H.Y. (in press). Translations. Dickens and the Arts. Edinburgh University Press.
  • Lee, Klaudia. HY. (in press). 'Charles Dickens'. Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Literature.

Service in CityU

Administrative Assignment

  • 2017 - 2018, Departmental Staffing Committee , Committee Member .
  • 2016 - 2018, BA English Studies , Admission Tutor .

Research / Thesis Supervision

  • 2016 - Now, Aleksandar Kordiš, PhD supervisor.
  • 2016 - Now, Lam Ka Yan, PhD supervisor.
  • 2016 - Now, Simon Berry, PhD Committee .
  • 2016 - Now, Tony Qin, PhD Committee .
  • 2014 - 2017, Fu Mengxing, PhD Supervisor (Completed).
  • 2014 - 2017, Katrina Marshall, PhD Committee (Completed).
  • 2013 - 2016, Ziwei Zhao, PhD Committee (Completed).

Conferences Attended

  • May 2018, ‘From Britain to Hong Kong: Architectural Space, the Everyday and the Colonial Imagination’. Remedying Distance: The Drive to bring closer in the Long Nineteenth Century. School of English, HKU, Hong Kong .
  • Dec 2017, 'Literary Spaces in South China Morning Post and early twentieth-century Hong Kong’. Creative Cultures of Anglophone Southeast and East Asia Workshop. The Open University, UK and CityU, Hong Kong .
  • Jul 2017, 'Travelling Forms, Contested Spaces: Reading Space(s) in Literary Periodicals in the Crown Colony'. Victorian Popular Fiction Association Annual Conference, 'Travel, Translation and Communication' , Institute of English Studies, London, UK.
  • May 2017, 'Charles Dickens, Lao She and the Everyday'. NAVSA/AVSA Triennial Conference. Organised by NYU/Purdue. NYU Florence, Italy.
  • May 2016, 'Remembering Dickens: Memory and (Re) Imagination in the English Press of the Crown Colony'. Forgotten Books and Cultural Memory. Taipei Tech, Taiwan.
  • Dec 2015, 'Contested Space: the Everyday and the Colonial Imagination'. ELLAK International Conference. Spaces/Spatialities: Practices, Encounters, and Articulations (invited speaker), Busan, Korea .
  • Jul 2015, 'Plague Narratives of 1894 and the English Press in the Crown Colony', Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Annual Conference: Life and Death in the 19th-Century Press , University of Ghent, Belgium .
  • Jul 2014, 'A Tale of Two Cities, Politics and Chinese History'. Australasian Victorian Studies Association Annual Conference: Victorian Transport. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong .
  • Jul 2014, 'Boundaries: Beatrice Webb and the Contested Space in "Pages from a Work-Girl's Diary"'. Literary London 2014. Institute of English Studies, University of London, London, UK.
  • Aug 2012, 'Articulating the Self: Reinterpretation of Values in Cross-Cultural Transmission of David Copperfield'. British Association for Victorian Studies, Victorian Value: Ethics, Economics, Aesthetics, University of Sheffield, UK.
  • Feb 2012, 'Global Dickens: Re-imagining Dickensian Spatiality and "Englishness" beyond the West'. Dickens's bicentennial conference, Dickens and the Idea of the Dickensian: A Tale of Four Cities, Paris, London.
  • Sep 2011, 'Composing (or decomposing) the Dickensian Cityscape: A cross-cultural study'. British Association for Victorian Studies annual conference, Composition and Decomposition', University of Birmingham, UK.

Professional Affiliations

  • British Association for Victorian Studies
    British Comparative Literature Association
    Australasian Victorian Studies Association
    Dickens Fellowship
    The Literary London Society
    Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

Workshop/Seminars/Outreach Activities

  • Co-organiser and Speaker, Workshop for Secondary School Students.
    Lecture topic: 'Literature, Culture and the City'
    Department of English, CityU, 7 April 2018
  • Co-Organiser and Speaker, HK Public Libraries Reading Workshop 'Writing the City: Literature and the Urban Imaginary'
    Hong Kong Central Library, 3 March 2018
  • Invited Speaker, English Literary Works Reading Workshop, Hong Kong Literature Festival, Hong Kong Public Libraries, 27 June, 2016.

  • Organiser and Speaker, The Hong Kong Archive of Language Learning (HALL) Workshop. CityU. 30 April 2016.
    For details of the archive, please visit http://www.narratives.hk
  • Speaker, 'What Can We Learn from the Hong Kong Archive of Language Learning Project?', Research Seminar, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, 3 June 2016.
  • Speaker, 'Artistry of Space, the Everyday and the Colonial Imagination', Research Seminar, Department of English, City University of Hong Kong, 9 November 2015.

Last update date : 26 Jun 2018