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Dr. ZHONG Yueying Lena (鍾月英博士)

BSS (Hunan, China)
Ph.D. (HKU)
Postdoctoral (Rochester & HKU)

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: Y7313 AC1
Phone: 34428767
Fax: 34420283
Email: ylzhong@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Chinese policing
  • Crime prevention
  • Drug abuse and crime
  • Recidivism
  • Quantitative analysis of crime data

Research Grant

  • Macroeconomic Factors, Police, and Crime in Hong Kong, Strategic Research Fund, CityU, Amount: HKD $180,000, 1983 - 2006, Dr. ZHONG, Yueying Lena(PI), Tit Wing LO(Co-I), Dennis WONG(Co-I).
  • Development of Performance Indicators for Correctional Service Department, Hong Kong SAR, Correctional Service Department, HKSAR Government, Amount: HKD $400,000, Lo Tit Wing (PI), Lena Zhong(Co-I), Tina Rochelle(Co-I), and Wing Hong Chui(Co-I).
  • Study of Cocaine Abuse in Hong Kong, Narcotics Division, Security Bureau, HKSAR Government, Amount: HKD $260,731, Lena Zhong(PI), Dennis Wong(Co-I), Joseph Wu(Co-I).

Publication Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


  • Zhong, L.Y. (in press). Bystander Intervention and Fear of Crime: Evidence from Two Chinese Communities. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.
  • Zhong, L.Y. (in press). Community Policing in China: Old Wine in New Bottles?. Police Practice and Research.
  • Zhong, L.Y. & Broadhurst, R.G. (2007). Building Little Safe and Civilized Communities: Community Crime Prevention with Chinese Characteristics?. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. 51(1). 52 - 67.


  • Zhong, L.Y. (2009). Communities, Crime and Social Capital in Contemporary China. Devon, United Kingdom:  Willan.

Book Chapter

  • Zhong, L.Y. (in press). Community Policing in China: A New Era of Mass Ling Policing?. Community Policing and Peacekeeping, P. N. Grabosky (ed.). Taylor & Francis.
  • Zhong, L.Y. (2008). Crime Prevention. Understanding Criminal Justice in Hong Kong, W. H. Chui and T. W. Lo (eds.). Devon, United Kingdom. Willan.

Last update date : 02 Jul 2014