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Dr. LEUNG LING Tien Wei Mary (梁林天慧博士)

B. Sc. U of Toronto, Canada
M.S.W. U of Toronto, Canada
Ed D University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Visiting Fellow

Contact Information

Office: B 7409 AC1
Phone: 34424297
Fax: 34420283
Email: mleungli@cityu.edu.hk
Dr Mary Leung received her Bachelor in Science (Psychology) and Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto, majoring in work with individual, family and small groups and minoring in social work administration. She also completed a post graduate diploma from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Social Service Management before she received her Doctorate in Education from the University of Technology Sydney in 2008. Dr Leung had extensive work experience in social work, serving for over 20 years as the Chief Executive of Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service. She then served as Consultant(part time) in the counselling and family services of Haven of Hope Christian Service from 2004 t0 2013, while she studied towards her Doctorate. From 2006-2012, Dr. Leung was the General Secretary of Hong Kong Bible Society .

Dr Leung joined City University from 2012 and has been teaching courses for Social Workers at both Bachelor and Master levels; as well as courses on Love, Sex and Human relationship, and other General Education courses.

She has been active in serving the public as she had been involved in various committees of the Government, includiong the Social Welfare Advisory Committee, Social Work Training Committee and welfare related sector in the past. She is now the Board member of the Society for Truth and Light, and the Chairlady for Christian Women Network Hong Kong, as well, she is the manageress of the Board of Management for Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Yao Dao Primary School in Tin Shui Wai.

Award and Achievement

  • Feb 2002 “Best team award” C.S.T.D. I. (training institute for the civil services of the Hong Kong Government). Leadership in the Public Sector 8 was an intensive course for senior civil servants from various government departments. Invitations were extended to leaders in the Non Government Sector. Mary and her teammates carried out a presentation at the completion of the course and the effort was awarded the "Best team award" for the course.
  • May 1976 “University of Toronto Open Fellowship” School of Graduate Studies, University of Toronto. Award for academic excellence for candidates who had the top three scores in General Grade Points Average for the first year in the graduate program. Mary came in second as she completed her first year of MSW program.

Previous Experience

  • Apr 2000 - Apr 2003, Chief Executive, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service. Designed and developed curriculum material in value and emotion education : distributed to primary and secondary schools. Course on Life Education for primary schools later implemented by Education Bureau. .
  • Apr 1995 - Apr 1998, Chief Executive, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service. Pioneered the Resource and Service Center for relatives of ex-mentally ill, subsequently the Center became fully recognized and financially supported by Social Welfare Department. .
  • Apr 1985 - Apr 1995, Chief Executive , Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service. Day Training Center and Aftercare service for the ex mentally ill: subvention taken up by Social Welfare Department subsequent to successful evaluative research. .

Publication Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


  • Leung Ling, Mary. T. W. & Chen, Hui Fang. (Summer 20 Feb 2017). Hong Kong’s Parents’ Views on Sex, Marriage, and Homosexuality. Journal of Child and Family Studies. 26(6). 1062 - 1024. doi:DOI 10.1007/s10826-017-0672-1
  • Leung, T.W. Mary. (2013). School sponsoring bodies’ Influence on Primary School Teachers’ View of Teaching Citizenship in Hong Kong. Journal of Education and Religion.

Conference Paper

  • Leung, M.T.W. (Dec 2005). Cultivating young peoples’ skills to reflect on values and in decision-making. paper presented at The 7th International Conference on Asian Youth Issues: Opportunities and Challenges of Youth in New Era. Macau SAR: .


  • 梁林, 天慧. (2012). GPS (Global Piloting System), and Christian faith,(信仰 GPS).
  • 梁林, 天慧. (2012). Marriage: Love’s second mile (婚姻:第二里的愛情路).
  • 梁林, 天慧. (1995). Reflection on Homosexuality (再思同性戀).
  • 梁林, 天慧. (1994). Before and after marriage (婚前婚後).

Book Chapter

  • Leung, Mary. TW. , Busiol, D. & Lee, T. Y. (Summer Jul 2016). Principles for the construction of a school-based sex education program. Student well-being in Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong: Theory, intervention and research. Springer.
  • 梁林, 天慧. (summer 2014). 〈如何與學生談論性議題〉. 《真男真女---有價值的情性教育》. (pp. 85 - 91). Hong Kong. 明光社,生命及倫理研究中心.
  • 梁林, 天慧. (2013). 有價值的情性教育:理論與實踐. 載於吳庭亮主編,《真情珍性---有價值的情性教育》. (pp. 22 - 35). 明光社,生命及倫理研究中心.
  • 梁林, 天慧. & 許, 潔儀. (2001). 香港老師對學生心理健康的影響. 載於陳啟芳、吳鐸編:《香港與上海青少年心理健康比較研究》. (pp. 81 - 91). 香港集賢社.
  • 陳, 啟芳. & 梁林, 天慧. (2001). 香港家長對子女心理健康的影響. 載於陳啟芳、吳鐸編:《香港與上海青少年心理健康比較研究》. (pp. 63 - 80). 香港集賢社.
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Service in CityU

Research / Thesis Supervision

  • Sep 2013 - May 2014, Project supervision for 6 students, Master of Social Science in Counselling .

Teaching Service

  • Sep 2013 - Dec 2013, Bachelor of Social Work, Practice inquiry for Social Workers.
  • Sep 2013 - Dec 2013, Master of Social Work, Social Policy Systems and Reform.
  • Sep 2013 - Dec 2013, Bachelor of Social Work, Social Welfare Issues and Services.
  • Sep 2013 - Dec 2013, Bachelor of Social Work, Social Work Research.
  • Sep 2013 - Dec 2013, Master of Social Work, Theory and practice in social work (Individual and Families).
  • Sep 2012 - Dec 2012, General Education, Love, Sex and Relationship.

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