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Mr. MA Kun Stephen (馬勤先生)

M.A. (Sociology), University of Kent at Canterbury
Dip (Sociology), Hong Kong Shue Yan College


Contact Information

Office: Y7513 AC1
Phone: 34428838
Fax: 34420283
Email: stephen.ma@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Sociology of Internet
  • Survey Research
  • Sociology of Work and Organization

Research Grant

  • Consultancy Project on Planning Framework for Rehabilitation Services in Macau New City, Macau Department of Social Solidarity, Amount: HKD $250,000, Feb 2012 - Feb 2014, J Kwok (PI), D Wan (Co-PI), S Ma (Co-I), H S Ng (Co-I).
  • The Rise of New Bureaucratic Capitalism and its Consequences in Post-Deng China: The Telecommunication and Electricity Industries as Cases in Point, CityU CLASS Research Grant, City University of Hong Kong, Amount: HKD $60,000, 2011 - 2013, W C Ho (PI), S Ma (Co-I).
  • Study on the long-term Effects of a Restorative Whole-school Approach to reducing Bullying in Schools General Research Fund, General Research Fund, City University of Hong Kong, Amount: HKD $652,960, 2010 - Now, Mr. MA, Kun Stephen(PI).
  • Developing a Chinese version of the Self-Concept Clarity Scale, CHASS Research Grant, City University of Hong Kong, Amount: HKD $60,000, 2009 - Now, Mr. MA, Kun Stephen(PI).

Publication Show All Publications Show Prominent Publications


  • Cheung, J. & Ma, S. K. (2011). Coupling Social Solidarity and Social Harmony in Hong Kong. Social Indicator Research. 103. 145 - 167.
  • Wong, SW. Dennis. , Cheng, H. K. , Leung, S. O. & Ma, K. (July 2010). Cognitive and Moral Development of Adolescents: Implications to Law Reform of Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility. The Journal of Youth Research《青年探索》. 4/159. 24 - 31.
  • Wong, D.S.W. , Cheng, C.H.K. , Ngan, R.M.H. & Ma, S.K. (2010). Program effectiveness of a restorative whole-school approach for tackling school bullying in Hong Kong. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. 1 - 17. doi:10.1177/0306624X10374638
  • Wong, D.S.W. , Cheng, C.H.K. & Ma, S.K. (2010). Program Effectiveness of Whole-school Approach for Tackling Bullying in Hong Kong Primary Schools. Educational Research Journal. 25 (1). 103 - 124. (In Chinese).

Conference Paper

  • WONG, Sing Wing. , CHENG, Hon Kwong. & MA, Kun. (Dec 2007). Building a harmonious school: A whole-school approach in tackling school bullying. In PennyY.Y. CHAN (Ed.), Proceedings of Symposium on Social Harmony and Youth Crime Prevention. (pp. 219 - 227). Macau. Macau Juvenile Delinquency Research Society.
  • WONG, Sing Wing. , NGAN, Man Hung. , CHENG, Hon Kwong. & MA, Kun. (Jul 2007). Program effectiveness of whole-school approach for tackling school bullying in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the Seventh Conference of Asian Association of Social Psychology. Sabah. Malaysia: Asian Association of Social Psychology.
  • Ma, S.K. , Wong, D.S.W. , Cheng, H.K. & Ngan, R.N.G. (Aug 2006). Impact of the Whole-school Approach on School Bullying(in Chinese). Symposium on Phenomenon and Theories of Juvenile Delinquency. Macau. PRC: .

Book Chapter

  • (2014). A study on social ideology and anti-social behaviors among adolescents in Macau (澳門青少年的社會意識與反社會行為初探). Selected Works of Social Sciences and Humanities of Macau 2008-2011) (澳門人文社會科學研究文選2008-2011). (pp. 725 - 733). Macau. China: Social Sciences Academic Press. 978-99937-1-112-4.

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