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Dr. HO Wing Chung (何榮宗博士)

MPhil, PolyUHK
PhD, SOAS, London

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: B7419 AC1
Phone: 34428134
Fax: 34420283
Email: wingcho@cityu.edu.hk

Research Interests

  • Social Problems and Social
  • Development in Chinese Societies
  • Social and Sociological Theories

Research Grant

  • Unravelling Ambivalent Mobilities: The Social Memory, Bicultural Identity and Livelihood Strategies of Young Dam Migrants in Guangdong, General Research Fund (GRF) , UGC, Amount: HKD $466,900, 1 Jan 2017 - 31 Dec 2018, Ho Wing Chung (PI).
  • Engaging Adolescent Residents in Revitalizing a Remote Chinese Migrant Community: An Exploratory Study of Tin Shui Wai through Photovoice and Focus Group, Start-up Grant for New Staff (CityU Project No.: 7200155), City University of Hong Kong CityU, Amount: HKD $99,900, 2009, Ho, Wing-Chung (PI).
  • In Search of Family-friendly Policies in Low-income Neighbor, Granted by UGC-Public Policy Research (RGC Ref. No: CityU 10, Amount: HKD $327,860, 2007, Ho, Wing-Chung (PI).
  • Power Elite Interlocks in Four Hong Kong Sectors: Corporate, Government, Welfare (NGO), and Tertiary Education, Granted by Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, Amount: HKD $59,824, 2007, Ho, Wing-Chung (PI).

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  • Ho, Wing-Chung. & Cheung, Chau-Kiu. (in press). Ecological Influences on Chinese Migrant Mothers’ Integration with Hong Kong. International Journal of Intercultural Relations.
  • Ho, Wing-Chung. (in press). James Scott’s Resistance/Hegemony Paradigm Reconsidered. Acta Politica.
  • Ho, Wing-Chung. , Rochelle, Tina. & Yuen, Wing-Kan. (in press). We are not Sad at all’: Adolescents Talk about their ‘City of Sadness’ through Photovoice. Journal of Adolescent Research.
  • Ng, Yat-Nam. & Ho, Wing-Chung. (2010). Developing Clinical Competence by Applying a Generic Model in Mental Health Social Work Supervision: A Case Study from Hong Kong, China. Practice: A Journal of the British Association of Social Workers. 22 (3, June). 167 - 179.
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  • Ho, Wing-Chung. (2008). Understanding the Subjective Point of View: Methodological Implications of the Schutz-Parsons Debate. Human Studies. 31(4). 383 - 397.
  • Ho, Wing-Chung. (2008). Writing Experience: Does Ethnography Convey a Crisis of Representation, or an Ontological Break with the Everyday World?. The Canadian Review of Sociology (Formerly the Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology). 45(4). 343 - 365.
  • Ho, Wing-Chung. (2006). From Resistance to Collective Action in a Shanghai Socialist 'Model Community': From the Late 1940s to Early 70s. Journal of Social History. 40(1, Fall). 85 - 117.
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  • Ho, Wing Chung. (2017). Occupational Health and Social Estrangement in China. Manchester & New York:  Manchester University Press.
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