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How to save Energy Consumption at CityU?

The University has put a lot of efforts to improve energy efficiency on campus. For example,

  • substituting air chiller with water chiller
  • using thermal energy storage to adjust energy use at peak and off peak hours
  • setting up renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaic(PV) panel systems and solar landscape lighting in Academic 3 (AC3)
  • installing LED lamps, daylight sensors, and motion sensors

Energy Efficiency Improvement

LED Lamps

Trial use of energy efficient refrigerant with low carbon emission

Energy efficient water-cooled chillers

Water-cooled chillers in lieu of air-cooled chillers

Use of Renewable Energy

  • PV solar panel in Student Residence
  • Solar panel/wind turbine hybrid lamp poles in Student Residence
  • PV thermal solar panels in To Yuen Building (TYB)
  • "Evacuated tube” type solar thermal panel at Sports Centre
  • PV solar panels in Academic 3 (AC3)