CityU Green Footprint Pledge

CityU is committed to building a better world. As a big step towards our sustainability goals, we are pleased to introduce the CityU Green Footprint Pledge and would like to seek everyone’s commitment to the Pledge. CityU Green Footprint Pledge is a way for all CityU students, faculty, staff and visitors to demonstrate our collective determination in preserving the environment.

CityU Green Footprint Pledge consists of two certificates:

Green Footprint Logo

Bottled Water Free Campus

Why bottled water free

Plastic water bottles can take 1,000 years to biodegrade. Nine out of ten water bottles end up as garbage or litter, and that translates into a staggering of millions bottles per day. According to waste statistics taken by Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department in 2016, an average of 79 tonnes of polyethylene terephthalate plastic water bottles was disposed of in landfills every day. If the plastic finds its way to the ocean, it will never biodegrade as it fragments into smaller plastic pieces and will probably be consumed by marine wildlife. It is observed that no ocean is free of plastic recently.

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

The impact associated with disposable plastic water bottles are high:

  • Environmentally – The production, transportation and disposal of bottled water harms the environment by consuming massive amounts of energy, producing greenhouse gases and creating waste.
  • Economically – 90% of the cost of bottled water is due to the bottle itself. It costs more to drink bottled water than have filtered water on campus with your own refillable bottle.
  • Socially – Clean, safe and accessible water is a fundamental human right – not a commodity, and must be accessible to all regardless of social class and wealth.

What we have on campus now

CityU currently has 98 drinking fountains on campus. The locations of the drinking fountain and bottle refilling station are here. The University carries out regular testing of water samples and related monitoring work to ensure the safety of drinking water on campus.

What is CityU going to do

What can you do

At unit level

  1. Sign the CityU Green Footprint Pledge.
  2. Invite your staff to bring their own water bottles or containers for internal meetings and events.
  3. Provide reusable cups to your guests at events.
  4. Request the caterer to provide reusable eating utensils for events.
  5. Include bottled water-free message in all your communications with your guests at and before the events.
  6. Post the pledge in a prominent area in the department.

On Individual level

  1. Sign the CityU Green Footprint Pledge.
  2. Refill your container with filtered water instead of buying another bottled water.
  3. Be a positive influence on your friends and family by showing them that refilling a bottle is the way to go.

Sign the Pledge

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Green Event Planning

What is green event

Source: A Waste Reduction Guidebook for Large Scale Event Organisers, Environmental Protection Department, HKSAR Government

Why should we green our event

Hong Kong’s waste recovery rate currently stands at 52%, a decent level compared to many other cities in the world. However, our per capita waste generation and disposal figures are still on the high side#. The waste management problem facing us is imminent. Together as a community, we need to take action by having a holistic approach to event planning to maximize our effort in reducing waste and raising the waste recovery rate.

#Consultation document on "Strengthening Waste Reduction: Is Waste Charging an Option?"

How can we green our event

Plan ahead to adopt measures to reduce waste generated from the events
  • Use recycled materials for stage setup.
  • Reuse event resources.
  • Channel the materials to proper recycling or donation outlets.
Avoid or reduce consumption of one-off disposable items
  • Encourage and facilitate participants to bring their own water bottles.
  • Borrow reusable cups from FMO.
Reduce food waste
  • Order or prepare food in the appropriate quantity.
  • Encourage participants to take excess food away after the event.
Reduce paper consumption
  • Wider use of electronic means of communication.

More green event tips from the HKSAR Government:

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