Campus Map


 Tak Chee Yuen
 Address: 88, Tat Chee Avenue,
Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR
 Phone: (852) 2788 3114
 Fax: (852) 2788 2866

How to get to Tak Chee Yuen -

Arrived at Pedestrian Subway Arrived at University Circle
  1. When you get off the MTR, look for Festival Walk exit.
  2. In Festival Walk, on Level LG1, there is a Pedestrian Subway which will lead you to CityU campus.
  3. Turn right when you see our motto (????) in the Pedestrian Subway.
  4. Walk up the stairs to Tat Chee Avenue.
  5. Walk along Tat Chee Avenue.
  6. Turn right before the traffic light and go forward to Tak Chee Yuen.
  1. Walk along the rood opposite to the Security Booth to Tat Chee Yuen.