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Global Work Attachment Programme (GWAP)
General Information

A. General Information


8 to 12 weeks attachment from late May to late August


Australia (Sydney); China (Shanghai); Germany (Berlin and Munich);Japan (Tokyo)

*Internship destinations as of year 2015/16. Subject to review and change should the need arise.

B. Background

Globalisation in the last two decades has led to rapid changes and increasingly keen competition among talents in different countries. It is, therefore, of paramount importance for students to seize opportunities to broaden their horizons and gain global exposure.

Participating students will stay in an assigned city, working as interns in our internship hosting companies. Through working as interns at well-selected non-local companies and organizations, students will acquire valuable experience in working with people from different backgrounds, and learn from different workplace culture and business practices.

C. Aims of Programme

The Global Work Attachment Programme (GWAP) aims to provide valuable platforms for students to:

  • immerse in real-life business environment
  • broaden their international outlook and develop global perspectives
  • develop inter-cultural communication skills through engaging in business practices in overseas work environments and direct interactions with local people in specific countries

D. Eligibility
  • Full-time Year-2 and Year-3 Undergraduates (Penultimate Year)
  • First and Final-Year Undergraduate Students are NOT eligible to apply for this programme.