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Welcome to the CityU Network Connection Management System (NCMS)

Welcome to the CityU Network Connection Management System (NCMS)

NCMS is a web-based system for applying (or registering) and maintaining network connections of computer to the campus network and CityU Wireless LAN, as well as telephones in campus and student residences. The IP addresses, MAC addresses and phone numbers are part of the network and phone connection information that is perhaps the most relevant ones to end-users. For more information, please click help for sample application.

To use the NCMS at home or off-campus using ISPs broadband /dial-up service, user must connect your PC via CityU VPN service with Network Connection Password that is used to login a PC in the campus beforehand. Step-by-step CityU VPN setup guide is available at .

Who should use NCMS?
Departmental network administrator may apply, change and disconnect computer of the wired campus network and register wireless LAN card for all staff of the department.
Departmental phone administrator may apply, change and disconnect telephone used by individual staff, installed in conference room, and other public areas of the department or temporarily used in special event.  User may also raise request for resetting password of voice mailbox in NCMS.
Individual staff may apply, change and disconnect computer under his/her name for approval of departmental network administrator. Besides, he/she may register Wireless LAN card for using the CityU wireless LAN.
Student may register Wireless LAN card of notebook computer and handheld computer (at most one for each device type) for using to the CityU wireless LAN.
Resident in Student Residences, Jockey Club House, and To Yuen Building may apply at most one and disconnect computer his/her room in residence.

Moreover, hostel network administrator may apply, change and disconnect network connections in the student residences for short-term staying residents.

Login account and web browser requirements
User should use their CityU Electronic ID and password for login.
Use Internet Explorer 6.0 or above with Javascript and cookie enabled.
For best viewing effect, set screen display resolution to 1024 x 768.

Data Privacy and Confidentiality
NCMS contains confidential departmental, staff and student data. Your use of this data must be in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Privacy Ordinance. Consult "City University of Hong Kong, Personal Data (Privacy) Issues, Code of Practice" for details.

Departmental network administrator and phone administrator will be responsible for all transactions made under your department. Please take all necessary steps to protect your account and password and prevent it from being used by another person.

Logout to log out of the system properly and close the browser when you have finished using the NCMS.

Support for NCMS
For problems in accessing the NCMS, contact IT Service Desk (CSC) (Tel: +852 3442-8340).


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For enquiry, please email to or call IT Service Desk (CSC) at +852 3442-8340.
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