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The School of Law was established in 1987 as the Department of Law. The principal objective of the School is to support and improve the provision of legal education and training in Hong Kong.

High on our agenda are three goals: becoming a world renowned centre for research and teaching of law; equipping students with global knowledge, skills and perspectives; and establishing a trusted relationship with local and international legal establishments.

Our Mission

The School of Law aspires to be an internationally-renowned centre for research and teaching in law in the Asia-Pacific region. The mission of the School is to provide students with an excellent education and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge. Through cooperation with other law schools and professional organizations, the School aims to foster an environment in which both students and staff develop and use their legal knowledge, professional skills and expertise for the benefit of the whole Hong Kong community.

Latest News

16.01.2019First Prize for the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition – Hong Kong (Eng || Chi)
10.01.2019Confronting Modernity's Challenges to Law and Regulation (Eng || Chi)
21.12.2018Hong Kong Commercial and Maritime Law Centre
Hong Kong Maritime Law Scholarship 2018/19 Certificate Presentation (Eng || Chi)
20.12.2018The Australasian Professional Legal Education Council (APLEC) Conference 2018 – “Sunshine or Storm Clouds on the Horizon in Practical Legal Training?” (Eng || Chi)
14.12.2018CityU School of Law Graduation Ceremony 2018 (Eng || Chi)
11.12.2018Lecture by Justice Tao Kaiyuan: The Development and Reform of the Judicial Protection of Intellectual Properties in China (Eng || Chi)
28.11.2018Hong Kong Commercial and Maritime Law Centre
Marine Insurance: Risks and Interpretation -- A Chinese-English Law Dialogue (Eng || Chi)
08.11.2018Centre for Judicial Education and Research successfully held the 13 th Advanced Programme for Chinese Senior Judges (Eng || Chi)
More Latest News