Campus Map


 To Yuen Building
 Address: 31 To Yuen Street,
Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

How to get to To Yuen Building -

Arrived at Pedestrian Subway Arrived by Taxi or by Car
  1. When you get off the MTR, use Cornwall Street Park exit (Exit C1).
  2. You will see a footpath by the side of Festival Walk when you come out the MTR station.
  3. Walk along the footpath which will lead you to Tat Chee Avenue.
  4. Cross Tat Chee Avenue and you will find To Yuen Street in front of you.
  5. Walk along To Yuen Street and To Yuen Building is on your right-hand side.
  1. Ask the driver to take you to To Yuen Building at 31 To Yuen Street directly.