Research Projects

Principal Investigator Project Title
Mr BURKE, Jack Trial Advocacy and Criminal Justice
Dr CHAN, Peter Chi Hin Judicial Reform in Contemporary China: Proceduralist and Empirical Perspectives
Dr CHAN, Peter Chi Hin Gender Inequality in Chinese Courts: the Case of Married-Out Women and Their Rural Land Rights
Dr CHEN, Lei Comprehensive Analysis on Diversity of Legal Systems in Asia-Pacific Region and Convergence towards Establishment of Rule of Law
Dr CHEN, Lei Private Law Design, Self-governing Organizations and Culture: Assessing Condominium Law Reforms in China
Dr CHEN, Lei The Availability of Specific Performance in Chinese Courts: An Empirical Assessment
Dr CHOW, Stephenson International Minority Protection in the Contemporary Global Legal Order: From the Treaty of Westphalia to the International Court of Justice
Dr DEVA, Surya Relevance of the Basic Structure Doctrine to the Basic Law
Dr DEVA, Surya Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (SMART)
Dr DING, Chungyan Lifting the Veil of Mental Suffering Awards in Medical Negligence Cases in China
Dr GUAN, Wenwei A Preliminary Study of the Development of Copyright Exceptions in Hong Kong's Copyright Amendments
Dr HE, Tianxiang Copyright, Freedom of Speech, and Open Innovation: Reassessing the User Generated Content Issue in China and Hong Kong
Dr HE, Tianxiang Civil Engagement and Statutory Copyright Exceptions in China and Hong Kong: A Comparative Analysis
Mr HOLLOWAY, David John International Commercial Dispute Resolution: The Role of the State and the Market in the Making of International Procedural Law
Prof HOWELLS, Geraint Consumer Law
Prof HOWELLS, Geraint Consumer and Product Liability in Europe and Asia
Dr KIELSGARD, Mark Dell The Impact of "Multiple-feedback" Pedagogy on Skills Based Advocacy Training
Dr LE ROUX-KEMP, Andra Remorse: A Trans-disciplinary and Mixed-Method Study on the Recognition of Remorse as a Mitigating Factor in Sentencing
Prof LIN, Feng Constitutionality of Demand for Hong Kong Independence - A Comparative and Jurisprudential Study
Prof LIN, Feng A Jurisprudential Analysis of the Operation of the Basic Law in the HKSAR through Three Case Studies
Prof LIN, Feng The Roles and Future of Foreign Judges and Domestic Judges: A Comparative Study
Dr LIN, Yu-Hsin Hostile Takeovers and Anti-Takeover Measures in China
Dr LIN, Yu-Hsin Corporate Governance of Controlled Firms: An Empirical Study of Company Constitutions in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Prof LOKE, Alexander Gaps in Private Law, Judicial Law-making and the Regulatory Innovations
Dr LONE, Fozia Is the Indus Water Treaty of 1960 Outdated: A Multidisciplinary Study of Power, Principles, and Politics
Dr LONE, Fozia Towards the Pragmatic and Peaceful Resolution of the Sino-Indian Boundary Dispute: A Multidisciplinary Study
Dr ONG, Rebecca Gaining Patients' Trust in the Era of Health Record Sharing
Dr ONG, Rebecca Enhancing Corporate and Organizational Information Security Practices with a Framework for Data Breach Notification
Dr PASCOE, Daniel An Evidence-Based Approach to the Criminal Law Syllabus in Hong Kong
Dr PASCOE, Daniel New Comparative and Empirical Approaches to Clemency
Dr PASCOE, Daniel Sentencing in Jakarta's District Courts: Evidence of a Changing Legal Culure? / Is China Exporting the Suspended Death Sentence to Southeast Asia?
Dr QU, Zhen Charles Schemes of Arrangement: Towards More Practical Rules for Managing Creditor Scheme
Dr QU, Zhen Charles The Decision Making on Corporate Guarantee Cases in Chinese Courts
Dr QU, Zhen Charles Towards and efficient corporate guarantee contracting regime: a case for China
Dr THOMSON, Stephen Divergence of Administrative Law in Hong Kong from Administrative Law in the Common Law World?
Dr WANG, Peter Shucheng The Effectiveness of Judicial Interpretations of the Supreme People's Count in China: An Empirical Approach
Dr XING, Lijuan The Principle of Closest Connection in Chinese Maritime Courts: A Panacea That Needs Cure?
Dr ZAMIR, Noam Analytical Analysis of the Substantive Protections in International Investment Law
Dr ZHAO, Liang Validity of Foreign-Related Arbitration Agreements under the Judicial Review of the Supreme People's Court of China
Dr ZHAO, Liang Protection of Chinese FOB sellers under the Chinese Maritime Code 1992: Has it achieved in judicial practice?
Prof ZHU, Guobin Research Project on the Implementation of the Hong Kong Basic Law: Chinese and Comparative Constitutional Law Perspectives
Prof ZHU, Guobin The Study of the Implementation of the Hong Kong Basic Law