College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Taught Postgraduate - Programme Leaders (2017/18)

Programme Name Email
Department of Applied Social Sciences
MSocSc in Applied Psychology Dr YE Shengquan
MSocSc in Applied Sociology Dr CHAN King-chi Chris
MSocSc in Counselling Dr FUNG Lai Chu Annis
MSocSc in Psychology of Education Dr WU Keung Fai Joseph
Master of Social Work Dr LEUNG Lai Ching
Department of Asian and International Studies
MA in International Studies Dr Justin ROBERTSON
MA in Modern Asian Studies Prof LYNCH Daniel Christopher
MSocSc in Development Studies Dr Toby CARROLL
Department of Chinese and History
MA in Chinese Dr MA Ka Fai
Department of English
MA in English Studies Dr Alice CHAN

Dr. MANSBRIDGE Joanna Gwen (Deputy Programme Leader)
Department of Linguistics and Translation
MA in Language Studies Dr Richard SHEUNG
Department of Media and Communication
MA in Communication and New Media Dr Chris SHEN
MA in Integrated Marketing Communication Dr HE Zhou
Department of Public and Policy
MA in China Studies Prof Ray YEP
MA in Housing Studies Dr ZHANG Xiaoling
MA in Public Policy and Management Dr HSIEH Chih Wei
MA in Urban Management Prof YIP Ngai Ming
Remark: the above programmes are self-financed