Class Schedule


University Class Hours
The University class hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 9:50 p.m., Monday to Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 6:50 p.m. on Saturday. All classes start on the hour and finish at 10 minutes to the hour.
Day SessionsEvening Sessions
 9:00 a.m.  -  9:50 a.m.
10:00 a.m.  -  10:50 a.m.
11:00 a.m.  -  11:50 a.m.
12:00  p.m.  -  12:50  p.m.
 1:00  p.m.  -  1:50  p.m.
 2:00  p.m.  -  2:50  p.m.
 3:00  p.m.  -  3:50  p.m.
 4:00  p.m.  -  4:50  p.m.
 5:00  p.m.  -  5:50  p.m.
 6:00  p.m.  -  6:50  p.m.

7:00  p.m.  -  7:50  p.m.
8:00  p.m.  -  8:50  p.m.
9:00  p.m.  -  9:50  p.m.
(Evening classes normally start at 7:00pm. Classes with a duration of more than 3 hours can start earlier at 6:30pm or extend to 10:50pm if applicable)



Personal Class Schedule
Students can view their own personal class schedule from CityU Portal/ AIMS.

From CityU Portal

  • Log onto CityU Portal
  • Select "Student Schedule" from "Useful Services" under Student


  • Log onto AIMS from CityU homepage.
  • Click "Course Registration" menu.
  • Click "Weekly Schedule", choose the appropriate term and press "Submit".
  • You will find your class schedule in matrix form.
  • Press the "View Detail Schedule" button at the bottom of your matrix timetable to display details of your class schedule.



Master Class Schedule
  • The  University's Master Class Schedule is published on a yearly basis to enable students to plan their studies ahead for the entire academic year. The class schedules are subject to changes prior to the start of the respective semester/term.
  • Students can view the Master Class Schedule from CityU Portal.
    • Log onto CityU Portal.
    • Select "Master Class Schedule" from "Academic Services" under "Student".
  • The Master Class Schedule website contains real-time data of all courses and course sections offered by the university and includes the following information:
    • Course code, course title, CRN, section number, credits, offering academic unit
    • Campus: Main Campus (for students in Colleges/Schools/Division of Building Science and Technology); Community College of CityU or Telford
    • Whether the course is WEB-ENABLED for web add/drops (WEB = Y) or NOT WEB-ENABLED (WEB = N)
    • Eligible student level for taking the course
    • Capacity (Cap) of the course or course section and the number of seats remaining (Avail). The description 'Full' will appear under the heading "Avail" if there are no seats left in the course section.
    • Waitlist quota availability (Waitlist Avail) of a course or course section:
      - 'Y' -- Waitlist available
      - 'N' -- Waitlist not available
      - 'FULL' -- Waitlist full
    • Medium of instruction for individual courses or course sections
      In general, the medium of instruction at the University is English. For specific courses approved to use other languages, students can view further information from the course section details. For example, the medium of instruction of course A is Chinese in the course list of the Master Class Schedule. Students can check further whether it is taught by Cantonese or Putonghua from the course section details.
    • Meeting date, day, time, building, room, instructor
    • Whether the course has any registration restrictions, i.e., it can only be taken by students of a particular programme or degree. For example, 'Restriction: only for BBA' marked under the course section means the course section is restricted for registration by BBA students only. 'Restriction: not for Major AC' means the course can be taken by all students except for those with Major in Accountancy.
  • Make use of the available options to help you search for class schedules. For example:
    • Select by campus, level, offering academic unit, subject, session, then press "Search Class".
    • Check the button "Show Gateway Education Courses ONLY" and set campus, level, offering academic unit, subject and session to 'all' to display the complete list of Gateway Education courses offered in that semester.
    • To disable any previously chosen button, press "Reset" to go back to the default settings