Update of Personal Data for Communication

Keep Contact with the University
The University may use your personal data such as contact address or telephone number to communicate with you from time to time on your studies and other matters. If there are any changes in your contact information, you should notify the University in order to maintain the communication with you.

Students from the Mainland or overseas are reminded to update their address and contact phone number in AIMS upon arrival or departure from Hong Kong, to ensure that they will receive the necessary information from the University.

Upon graduation, do continue to notify the University of any changes of your contact information so that you will not miss any future communications from your alma mater.


How to Update your Contact Information
Please update your contact information in AIMS whenever there are changes in your address, contact phone number (e.g. mobile phone number), emergency contact information, etc. An e-mail will be sent to you afterwards to confirm receipt of your updates.

Steps of Updating Contact Information via AIMS:
  1. At CityU homepage, select the 'Current Students' tab at the top.
  2. Click "AIMS" at the navigation panel on the left.
  3. Login with your EID and password.
  4. Select "Personal Information" menu.
  5. Select "Personal Data for Communication".
  6. Click "Edit" to update your address or contact number, as appropriate.
  7. To protect your own privacy, make sure that you have exited from "AIMS" and logout from "e-Portal" before leaving your terminal.